Delta munchlax or snorlax

Trading Name: Recquize

Offer: don’t have a lot to offer sorry

Request: a delta munchlax/snorlax

Further info: My hidden grotto where you find d munchlax is broken, so I’d really appreciate if someone could offer one up. I have some decent mons if you want, nothing special though. Thanks

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Hey there! I have a Delta Snorlax I could give you in exchange for a Skorupi/Drapion.

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Yo; sorry but can’t do a scorupi or drapion. I’m on the 7th badge which means I don’t have the last friend safari slit open. Apoligies; anything else you might want?

I have d scizor, d roserade, d snorunt male, mega typhlosion and greninja if those pique your interest at all, but nothing much else that you wouldn’t be able to get yourself, sorry.

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Have you tried looking in the Safari Zone in Nasca town?

The insurgence wiki says that you can find Drapion there.

I haven’t! thanks for the tip. I’ll get back to you as soon as I catch one

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Alright, ready to trade when you are :grinning:

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Ok I’m ready & sorry for the wait! :sweat_smile:

My trading name is Epsilom 317

My bad, was asleep :sweat_smile:

If you can do now or a bit later ( like an two or three hours ) let me know. I’ll be on as well at around 8-11 IST ( utc+1 )


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Ok! I’m here. Let’s do this! :grin:

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So sorry to keep you waiting again, but i’m here now if only you’re still available. Apoligies :sweat_smile:

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All right, I’m ready!

Cool, let’s do it

Recquize is my name

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Thanks :smile: much appreciated

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Thank you, too! :blush: :music:

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