Delta Muk's Regurgitation

So I just got delta Muk and I’m enjoying the ‘Regurgitation’ ability. As a quick overview, delta Muk gets a second attack per turn like ‘parental bond’ however the type of the second attack is dependant on the pokemon delta Muk is currently eating. So you have Bellsprout for grass, Magby for fire, etc.

What I want to know is ‘Is there a way to change the pokemon in delta Muk’s mouth to get a different type for the second attack?’

Muk also gets Sap Sipper Ability which can be SUPER USEFUL due to Delta Muk being weak to Grass types

According to the wiki, no it cannot be changed.

Although this is dead, Regurgitation’s type can now be changed by use of two Ability Capsules on Delta Muk.