Delta Muk Moveset

What’s a good Delta Muk Moveset? I think I messed up:

Recover/Sandstorm/Earthquake/Fissure Quirky Nature 178/114/123/147/97

Personally Delta Muk Is my favorite Pokemon as I have won a TON of battles especially against Gym Leaders with him, it is his move Minimize which is OP in my opinion, for example he was my last Pokemon and I got him up to evasiveness 4, he dodged over 26 attacks and killed 2nd Argur’s Raquaza. So best moveset for him, Minimize for reasons stated above. Recover: also another stupidly OP move imo as if you max IV his health like I have, and combine that with minimize it is soo hard to kill him, Keep Earthquake, it has 100% accuracy and does 100 damage. Very consistent move, the last thing to replace is Sandstorm with the Smackdown (only availibly by TM in 1.2, I havn’t found it yet but am still looking) This enables you to now attack flying opponents after using this move, so now they can’t use that against you. Very good pokemon imo, defenitly my favourite :grin:

Remove Recover. You can use healing items because you’re in game.

Instead of Smack Down, use Submission. Way better because you get coverage and you get it when you evolve from Delta Grimer, 80 dmg and 100% acc.

Recover is better than using potions because it’s convenient mid battle