Delta Muk Ability?

So, currently, I have a Delta Muk and I was wondering which ability benefits it more. Regurgitation is basically Parental Bond, which is really good, but it also gets Sap Sipper. I don’t know which will work better, any suggestions?

Regurtitation is different than Parental Bond. It uses a second move with 40 BP and different typing depending on the mon it captured (which is determined by the place in which it evolved). Sap Sipper buffs SP Atk, which isn’t very useful but can negate a weakness. I’d recommend Sap if your team doesn’t have a reliable answer to Grass, and Regurtitation if you have a very good answer.

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My Delta Muk’s Regurgitation has a Horsea, which can be helpful at times. Probably going to keep Regurgitation and, if needed, I’ll breed for one with Water Absorb. Thanks a lot!