Delta Mudkip Line

Delta Mudkip

The Thief Pokemon

Typing: Dark

Ability: Pickpocket / Frisk (HA)

It fools people by taking it home as a pet, just so they wake up next morning to find out all their food is gone.

Delta Marshtomp

The Burglar Pokemon

Typing: Dark/Steel

Ability: Pickpocket / Frisk (HA)

A kleptomaniac. It steals all kinds of objects to build his own gadjets to help him steal more, making it an endless cycle.

Delta Swampert

The Assassin Pokemon

Typing: Dark/Steel

Ability: Antecipation / Adaptability(HA)

It became a shady creature with a love for anything that shines. In the rare times it gets caught, instead of running away it prefers leaving no witnesses.


AWESOME! Question though, are you going to make shiny versions of them? Just curious.

Most likely

This one of my favorite creations that you have ever made :D. Keep up the good work.

Coming from the guy who says Swampert is one of his top 3 favorite Pokemon…these are awesome!

please please please make their shiny the same color as ezio outfit

Before shiny: wowee that’s a good sprite

After shiny: wowee lad that’s one spicy delta

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Man assasin’s creed looks so good

Looking good bro, i like how it kinda resembles assassins and thieves.Also what do you use to make these?

next to jester banette this is by far one of my favorite deltas ive seen so far

this has gotta be my favorite fan made delta pokemon

Please do not necro post, it has been four months later and it is rude to be bringing this up to those that made the post.

I wanna have your permission to implement this Delta in my Upcoming Fan game Can I have Ur permission. I will be surely be giving credit