Delta Mudkip Line Idea

Since Tepig seems to be doing well (hard to tell, since nobody has replied; has plenty of views, though, considering), decided to try my hand at making a Delta Mudkip. Cause, y’know…I heard you like Mudkips.

Pokemon: Delta Mudkip, the Chilly Kip Pokemon

Type: Ice

Ability: Frosty Body (custom ability, chance to freeze a Pokemon that attacks this Pokemon with a contacting move. The chance is 20%.)/Refrigerate (HA)

Dex Entry: Delta Mudkip’s are rather similar to their regular Mudkip counterparts, living in sub-arctic waters to help solidify the small ice structures on it’s body for natural defenses.

Pokemon: Delta Marshtomp, The Frosty Kip Pokemon

Type: Ice

Ability: Frost Body/Refrigerate (HA)

Dex Entry: Delta Marshtomp have grown up to be more adapted to living on icy lands instead of staying in chilly waters all the time. Scientists have noted that the crystalline structures on Delta Marshtomp have traces of iron within them. It’s said that they are great friends with Delibird’s.

Pokemon: Delta Swampert, the Frozen Cavern Pokemon

Type: Ice/Steel

Ability: Frost Body/Refrigerate (HA)

Dex Entry: Delta Swampert’s live in solitude in the caves of frozen wastelands. Despite their mysterious and somewhat intimidating choice of habitat, they are known for being rather hospitable, happily letting other Pokemon and weary travelers rest in it’s cave while it guards the entrance. The ice structures on their body have become rather large and made up of a complex mixture of iron and ice qualities.

Notes: As you can tell, if these guys are ever made, all three members of the line have crystalline structures on their body (though Mudkip’s are the smallest). Their regular orange cheeks are also simply crystalline structures on their face in this Delta line.

They would also have gills, since the regular Mudkip line uses their cheeks as gills instead. Most likely, the Mudkip of this line would also be a bit more fish-like than the original, probably missing his two hind legs in return for a larger, more prominent tail to show how they developed to be more land-based as Marshtomp’s. Hope you all enjoyed! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to voice them below!

No offence or anything, it might have a lot of views because people think you’re posting an ACTUAL Delta Tepig, and not a suggestion for one.

Have you ever considered trying to make it yourself? It is difficult, but at the same time it is quite fun.

Hm…I think with the way I worded it no one would assume that, but…I guess they could? Maybe? Definitely wasn’t the intention, at least.

I would, but…Trust me when I say I’m incredibly poor at practically every kind of art. It just isn’t my thing. Which is a shame, since I tend to come up with concepts for things like this but can never bring them to life due to that limitation.

Understandable, I am not that great either, in fact, I just recently picked up spriting again. But I have found just simply fusing sprites can help you practice if you ever wanted to learn.

Not saying you have to, just a recommendation if you ever wanted to try.

It confused me, at least. And the way that you worded it did make me assume it was an actual delta, since so many other spriters used the same wording in their own custom deltas.

Try to add “suggestion” or “idea” to the end of your titles next time.

EDIT: Just checked and you changed the name, nice.

I might work on making these in the future. Trying to practice some spriting.

Oh hey look who that is

Much appreciated, Dechozen. I didn’t really think that through, but on any future Delta lines I come up with, I’ll make sure to make it clear that they’re just a concept.

Well, if you do, I’ll definitely be sure to check 'em out.