Delta? More like Get off me-ta!

Trading Name: terminallyCapricious

Offer: Any Delta in my possession or that I may acquire at any time. I’ve already beaten the League, so…
Currently Owned: Ralts, Aipom, Grimer, Budew, Bergmite, Cyndaquil, Petlil, Torchic, Chinchou, Pawniard and Magby. Also a Level 109 Delta Wailmer. ( @ _ @ ) v

Request: My main interest lies in the Eevee family. Females take all of the Priority. I don’t mind the Natures and IVs.

Further info: I’m not that big a fan of Deltas, in fact I’ve even beaten the League without Deltas or Megas even. At level 102. (Highest unfortunately was 105. Dammit London!) However I’m all about the Eevees. A Female Eevee is rarer than a Delta Pokèmon in my book, so that would warrant anything from my Box right away. (Except my Treasures which I shan’t part with.)

I can breed you an Eevee if you’d like. They’re also available from the Friend Safari.

If you please could, that would be utterly amazing. IV and Nature don’t matter to me, what matters is that it’s an Eevee. For Females I’m willing to go the extra mile.

Done! Let me know if you’d like another one. 47%20PM

For the love of… I don’t know if you were reading my mind but one of the Eevee I wanted needed IVs such as those. It’s straight up Perfect, as perfect as the champion’s theme. (Pun intended) Less Defense but more Special Defense, that’s fine for what I want it. Drop me any request, can even be two Deltas.

Oh that’s great! The nature came out random but I’m glad it works. I’d just like a delta deino if you have it, nature and IVs don’t really matter. If you need any other Eevees, also, let me know!

I do not have a Delta Deino at the moment but I know just where and how I can get one or two. Missed them completely. That’s a dealio then, I’ll see what I can find hoping it’s got comparable IVs. Or a great Nature. Give me six hours or so so I can get a bit of sleep and do some quick hunting. (Hrmmnmnnmm good thing I stocked up on Delta Balls.)

Great, take however long you need. Don’t worry about IVs or Nature, I can always hatch new ones if they’re not so great. I don’t want to waste your day lol

I’ve given it about 4 tries and the best nature I’ve got(Through Soft Resets, COUGHCOUGH) was Adamant. Well damn. I’m being pranked. Either way, yeah. It was easy as pie to get to.

Don’t worry about nature! Thank you so much. Let me know whenever you have time to make the trade.

I’m available right now, I’d just need to go back to Settlement Alfa. (Holon) Give it 5 minutes and I’ll be right there. I suppose you don’t mind it being a Hydreigon now since I’ve made sure I evolved it for my own Dex, right? I don’t think I’ll get a second one naturally.

Edit: Nevermind I’m literally ready this Instant. Forgot I had Escape Ropes for a moment.

Edit #2: … Level 109 Delta Wailmer.

Sorry! For future reference you can hit me up on discord (nimar812#9443) so I’ll reply right away. I’m also good to go with the trade.

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