Delta mimickyu

Thanks to skymara for the sprites.

Ability: Magic Guard/Magician
(HA): Wonder Guard
Dex: A mimickyu that felt love was given a special cloak from a magician allowing it to be alive again, and giving it the powers of magic.
You get this guy by fighting a Psychic who gives you a Magic Cloth* That when placed on a mimickyu above level 5 and traded with the Witch Doctor allowing it to become this poekmon
And yes because of the wonder gaurd ability this Pokemon can only be hit by Bug/Dark type moves.
If your wondering how “Top Hat” was the hint its suppose to be like a bunny in a hat.
*Magic Cloth is an item hat allows Mimickyu to become a delta and you cant get two of them

Nice but this can’t be a Delta submission because no gen 7 stuff in 1.2

I know but this is for after that like 1.3 or something

There isn’t any such thing

Wait no more updates after 1.2 really what about when Primal arceus is announced ii want to fight that thing in 2d graphics

uh i don’t think primal arceus (does that even exist?) will be in Insurgence ever.

dude where are you hearing all this stuff

Are you high?

The OP knows Primal Arceus hasn’t been announced and (techinically) doesn’t exist. This is shown in his wording: “when Primal Arceus is announced”. He expects it to be announced and present in a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum remake (which would be gen 7 and therefore not in Insurgence)

No man im just drunk There is a clear diffrence

Wonder Guard is way too insane on this thing. It can only be hit by Bug and Dark moves, plus status.