Delta Mewtwo

Delta Mewtwo:
Absolute Zero Pokemon
Ice-Steel type
Ability: Sharp Blade (Raises Attack stat after each turn)
Signature Move: Frosted Blade
“Using its wrist blades, Mewtwo is capable of cleaving large mountains in two. It is also able to lower the temperature around it to zero degrees Kelvin, and when utilizing Z-Power, can bring half the world to Absolute Zero.”

Here’s it normally. The right image is it when in “Overdrive” mode:
BlacierBlacier (Overdrive)
Here’s it Shiny:
Blacier copyBlacier (Overdrive) copy


Wow, these look awesome, Steelman! The wings do look a little off-center to the right, so if you moved them to the left a little, I think the sprites would look even better. Even so, you did a really good job making these sprites!

Just to let you know, this isn’t quite the right place on the forum to post a new Pokemon/Delta. For that, you want Holon University. I don’t have much experience with that part of the website, but you should consider copying this post over to there instead.

Again, excellent job on the sprites! I look forward to seeing more of your work. Merry Christmas!

–Servant of the King

Thanks for the input, I never noticed the wing before. It would make sense for the post to go to Holon University, but my line of thinking was that it was primarily a new Pokemon, not a Delta. Again, thanks for reaching out, and have a nice day yourself.

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Intrepid Sword is a signature to Zacian, I’d say that you should make the ability moxie or maybe a new ability that works like speed boost but for attack except when it gets hit. It could be called something like Power Accumulate

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I like the Attack Speed Boost idea. I’ll use that, maybe call it something like Sharp Blade.