Delta Mew

Type:Normal Ability: DNA SPLICE(Depending on the pokemons item ( Celebi Leaf, Manaphy Egg, Victini Wing)
Stats same as normal mew
Form BI: Grass (With the Celbi Leaf)
Stats Same as mew
Form MA: Water (With the Manaphy Egg)
Stats same as mew
Form V I: Type Fire (With the Victini Wing)
Stats Same as mew
Dex: A clone of Mew called VIBIMA with the genetic gaps filled in with the genetics of Celebi, Manaphy, and Victini somehow the DNA was almost perfect at filing the gaps.
Possible Move’s
Start: Tackle
Start: Growl
LV 5: Vine whip
LV 6: Ember
LV 7: Bubble
LV 10: Takedown
LV 20: Seed bomb
LV 24: Flame charge
LV 28: Water gun
LV 30: Giga Impact
LV 40: Leech Seed
LV 48: Willow Wisp
LV 56: Soak
LV 60: Hyper Beam
LV 70: Transform
LV 80: Tri Attack
LV 99: Judgement


i thought deltas couldn’t be spliced pokemon. also try making the parts of the mons yourself because its kinda obvious where each part comes from. either way, interesting idea