Delta Mew (Chef)

Delta Mew
Steel, Steel/Grass or Steel Fairy

Entry: Likes to cook meals for the defenseless Pokemon.

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Abilitiy : Serene Grace
Hidden Ability: Potluck
Potluck: User creates a meal every turn, will give a random stat boost, or increase Health points, if a double battle is in progress, the ally will also eat.

How you would obtain:
Step 1: Go to Settlement Juliet and there will be a psychic who is hungry, but he only accepts the greatest food

Step 2: Bring him a Twisted Spoon, he will then De-twist the Spoon and will tell you to go to an Island shaped like a Spoon,

Step 3: Soar to an Island Shaped like a Spoon Below Holon and you will only have access there until You Faint or Catch Delta Mew.

Step Extra: When you return to the Psychic he will ask you if Delta Mew is in the Party to Cook him a Meal, If so he will Give you 5000$ as Reward. (This Step will be Unnecessary, you can do it if you want easy money)

You will Find Delta Mew at Lvl 70 like Normal Mew .


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