Delta Mew and Mewtwo ideas

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on this forum. Today I am putting out my ideas of what the delta forms of Mew and Mewtwo should be and how each would function.

First let’s start with Delta Mew, since Mew is supposed to be having the DNA of all other pokemon in it’s DNA I would say that if Mew had a Delta then it would be having this trait more prominent with it’s type and form changing every time and ability allowing all attacks to be it’s current type and all conditions are able to be inflicted to targets regardless of types. If it would have a Mega it would become all types and have Wonder Guard.
This is an image that I liked from a different post on this forum that shows a general idea of what the single type versions of Delta Mew would look like:

This obviously isn’t what it will look in the end but, I liked how it took inspiration from the Delta Ditto that is already present in Insurgence. Additionally, the Delta Mew would be the only pokemon that can actually be any type combination in the game.

Next is Delta Mewtwo, while Mewtwo is a clone of Mew it obviously is not 100% Mew. So I would have it function similarly to Mew but, would remain a primary Psychic type and it’s ability would be something like Beast Boost but, with all stats by one stage. It’s Mega would instead become no type and it’s ability would be to auto crit and deal excess damage to all enemies upon the defeat of the opponent’s pokemon. Because Delta Mewtwo is not 100% a Mew I chose to show that by making it keep the Psychic typing to differentiate it from the Delta Mew and I chose it to be more aggressive in it’s Mega as well.