Delta Metang/Metagross for Delta Budew

Trading Name: TheMightyJ225

Offer: Your delta metang or metagross (Spider, Preferably with at least one perfect IV, though this isn’t required) for my delta budew

Request: You trade me a delta metang or metagross (Spider) , preferably with high IVs or egg moves or something, and I trade back my delta budew with blank EVs.

Further info: I wish to begin breeding delta beldums, you will receive an egg if you send me a player message to remind me to send you an egg after the trade, as thanks for helping, i accidentally killed my delta metang while catching it

I’m gonna be on for an hour, so if you still need Delta Beldum (spider), I can trade.

What are it’s IVs?

Oh perfect! This is pretty good, your ign is…?

IcePrime. Tell me when to go.

Alright accept the trade request


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No problem, enjoy!

Make sure to PM me with your ign and stuff if you want an egg once i get my delta ditto.

I’m good, I’m a breeder (hence the good IVs on the beldum I traded you) so I don’t really need that. :slight_smile:

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