Delta Metagrosses

Idk about you guys, but I like to Mega Evolve the spider Delta Metagross because it can flawlessly lay down Sticky Web, even against Magic Bounce users.

Mega Spider Metagross is worse than the normal version. While it can go through Magic Bounce, both Mega Diancie and Espeon are threatened by it (Earthquake and U-turn respectively) so it doesn’t matter.

Mega Sableye is a thing though and you can’t act like no one uses it.

Azelf, crobat, mega or otherwise aerodactyl, tornadus, thundurus, mega or otherwise sableye, mega banette, and talonflame are capable of shutting it down completely with taunt or just going for a quick (2h)KO. I believe that delta amoongus is also capable of it but I’m not certain. Either way, it is not without checks that are easy to fit on a team. It’s the best available web setter by far but it is not infallible and not a guarantee. Really, the place it shines most is as a toxic spike setter. Placing them down helps the matchup quite a lot vs some stall teams.

It can U-turn on Taunt and do decent damage to Azelf and at least do some chip damage on the others and switch into a check. Plus it can’t lay down Toxic Spikes with Taunt in effect either. Another good teammate might actually be the other Delta Metagross (i.e. Ruin). It checks Talonflame and has more than enough physical bulk to survive a Flare Blitz or Brave Bird and retaliate with a recoil-free Head Smash thanks to Rock Head. It also checks other Delta Metagross (Spider) checks like Crobat, (Mega) Aerodactyl, Tornadus and Thundurus with also its STAB Head Smash. Not really sure what teammates have the capabilities to check Mega Sableye tho. Mega Banette doesn’t have that much bulk either, so I doubt Delta Metagross (Spider) gets checked by it.

Mega Sabeye is Ubers so it doesn’t matter. Insurgence tiering councils are unlikely to exist so it’s unlikely to ever come back to OU.

Spider Metagross has a movepool which allows it to beat many of its checks, although not all of them at once. U-turn forces Azelf, Delta Amoonguss, and Sableye to play mindgames while a lure move like Smack Down lets it beat Talonflame. It could even run a Mental Herb bait set to beat anti-leads. It lacks the weaknesses that Smeargle and Shuckle have (being passive and momentum drains).

If there ever is an established Insurgence meta I doubt Sablenite will be on the initial banlist. As is the case with most fan games, Insurgence introduced a ton of great mons, most of which are offensively inclined. It is impossible to say whether Sablenite, which was barely banned in XY OU, will be banworthy in Insurgence. Of course, the obviously broken mons will be initially banned but Mega Sableye is not in that category.

As far as I know, no regular Pokemon has changed tiers in Insurgence. There simply isn’t enough data or a dedicated tiering council, so it’s basically impossible for it be unbanned. Honestly, pretty severe tier shifts could occur if we decided to make unique Insurgence tiers (sort of like what Smogon does at the beginning of each new game) but not enough games exist for meaningful usage data.

Right. What Smogon does at the beginning of each new game, as you were alluding to, is creates an OU beta by banning the “obviously” broken Pokemon. Then, as the months go on, UU and then RU etc. are gradually created. Like you were saying, there isn’t enough data to create meaningful lower tiers, but a competitive OU tier could easily exist because like I mentioned, all that would need to happen is that the obviously broken Pokemon be banned (and then if things still end up being seemingly broken there could be suspects, which requires more info but might still be doable).

Everything would be in this tier and thus most of the mons in the tier would be unviable, but that’s how it would have to be because again, like you were saying, there isn’t enough credible data to make UU. OU could still be made though.