Delta Meowth Line

I had submitted this thing for the holon dex contest awhile ago, but I thought I might post it here and get some feedback.

Delta Meowth

[details=Delta Persian] Male:

Female: [/details]

Delta Meowth’s typing is dark, and it’s evolution Persian gains the psychic type when it evolves. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


I really feel like the hair could be different on the male version, but i like how the female one’s hair looks! the white just looks random on the male the way it is

Such an exotic design. And I agree with Lunar. The Male’s hair looks kind of odd. But overall, I love the concept. :slight_smile:

@LunarDusk @TheMaleLilligant I updated the sprites, thanks. :slight_smile:

Id rather have a meowth and persian that look like a panther like the shinies in Reborn ^^