Delta Meganium (Pumpkin)


So I saw in the suggested deltas that someone wanted a Pumpkin theme for meganium so this is the start of it. Update

V2 I want opinions on the bayleef

V3 mega is almost done but i want some ideas for its tail (im thinking about a scythe or something)


That looks amazing! Would it be Grass Fire or grass dark?

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well going from the suggested deltas (where i got it) i think it was fire/grass and dark if memory serves me right

finally, a proper bulky fire dark type

(Screw houndoom, it sux)

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Holloweeeeenie Update V3 with mega (still work in progress with touching up)

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of course houndoom sucks if you’re trying to run bulk

it’s like been 16 days. Really? Why are you pinging me? It’s annoying!!