Delta Medicham learnset by TM

Does Delta Medicham learn Fire Blast/Focus Blast/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Ice Beam? It needs good special coverage to take advantage of its enormous Special Attack stat coming from Athenian.

Also does it learn Calm Mind?

Does Delta Medicham have the same stats as regular Medicham? I assume it does but hoping it doesn’t because base 60 Special Attack is underwhelming, even with Athenian.

Is it able to Mega Evolve as well?

Yes. Its mega retains the original Mega Medicham stats as well, so Athenian doubles a Special Attack from a base 80, which is 209.5, which really isn’t too bad.

“not too bad”

It’s nearly as strong as kyurem-white. It’s a beast. And I’d be willing to check the TMs if you trade one over to me. I have most of the interesting ones. To assuage any of your fears about it, I could let you hold onto one of my 5IV deltas until I’m done checking TMs.

Actually it’s not doubling the base stat. It doubles the actual special attack stat, which when converted back into base stat terms is 209.5

I have my own Delta Medicham and since I have pretty much every TM I could check it myself, but I’m not gonna be home until a while later so yeah.

Oh, alright. Guess that avenue isn’t available, then.

And if you don’t mind my asking, how’d you crunch that number? 209.5. Is that with modest? I’m getting it around 170.

I assume it gets Moonblast by level-up and Earth Power by either level-up or the tutor?

Edit @ above: what Delta Mega Medicham’s Base Special Attack stat “approximately” is depends on its Level, Nature, EVs, and IVs. If it’s Level 100 with 252 EVs, 31 IVs, and a neutral Nature, then a Pokemon with base 209 Special Attack at Level 100 with 252 EVs, 31 IVs, and a neutral Nature would have approximately the same special attack.

(((80*2+31+(252/4)+5) * 1.5 *2)/1.5-5-(252/4)-31)/2

Unfortunately it doesn’t get Moonblast by level up, but Dazzling Gleam should suffice. (As TM, weirdly enough) And it gets Earth Power by level up.

Darn what a letdown. idk, even though it’s strong, it’s not so strong it’s just able to OHKO everything due to no boosting item, so it needs the ~17% power boost from Dazzling Gleam to Moonblast.

well Hidden Power Ice ohkos Landorus-Therian

Not having Moonblast doesn’t hurt it vs just Lando-T, it hurts it versus anything it’d want to use a Fairy move on. There are hundreds of Pokes where clicking your Fairy move is the best option, but anyway, nothing we can do about it so whatever

It really does need Flamethrower or Thunderbolt or something remotely similar, because it currently gets tanked by Skarmory

Does regular Delta Medicham have Pure Power and Athenian, or just Athenian?

just Athenian