Delta Magnemite (My first post :D)


Delta Magnemite (Water/Poison) - Lone Creature Pokemon
Ability - Suction Cups / Hydration (Hidden)
Pokedex - Delta Magnemite will spend days looking for other of its kind. Once it finds one, they wont leave each others sights.

Delta Magneton (Water/Poison) - Aqua Mutant Pokemon
Ability - Suction Cups / Hydration (Hidden)
Pokedex- A fusion of three Delta Magnemite. This Pokemon is always happy and will spend a lot of time talking to itself.

Delta Magnezone (Water/Poison) - Aqua Mutant Pokemon
Ability - Hydration / Intimidate (Hidden)
Pokedex- Delta Magneton that dive a little too deep will become overly happy and evolve. Delta Magnezone may look threatening but is actually quite a sweet-heart.

This is my first upload! I would love the feedback and criticism to encourage me to upload more of my creations! :slight_smile:


i feel the fin on top of magnezone should be changed to like tentacles and maybe have different ability then hydration maybe poison point like the tentacles are poisones

Cool Magnemite! It looks like green wrapped-up candy. Maybe put the suction cups on visible tentacles?

Is it just me, or do they look awesome?