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Delta Magnemite Line


Tried spriting in the pokemon style for the first time, this was the result:

Delta Magnemite Line Fixed Delta Magnemite Line Fixed (1)

Delta Magnemite (Steel/Poison)- Atomic pokemon

Abilities: Levitate/Radiation(HA)

Delta Magneton (Steel/Poison)- Nuclear Fusion pokemon

Abilities: Levitate/Radiation(HA)

Delta Magnezone (Steel/Poison)- Nuclear Crystal pokemon

Abilities: Levitate/Radiation(HA)

Radiation- At the end of each turn, all non-steel or poison types take damage(pokemon that resist poison take less damage, pokemon that are weak to poison take more damage). Pokemon that are poisoned take even more damage

edit: nerfed ability



I really like the design, the ability seems a bit too overpowered.

Maybe get rid of the poison part and just have it so it does damage over time to opponent’s pokemon and maybe also that poisoned pokemon take bonus damage from the ability.

But all in all, design looks REALLY good, well done!


The design of the Pokemon is really good! You should do more like this!