Delta Magcargo Line

Delta Slugma
Delta%20Slugma Delta%20Slugma%20Back
Typing: Rock
Ability: Analytic or Dry Skin
Pokedex: When delta Slugmas were first created by scientists, they were moved to a greenhouse to be nurtured, but after a horrible accident, the delta Slugmas were left alone, with no nutrients, left to die out.
Inspiration: The inspiration of delta Slugma is the remains of a dead plant (Most likely a tree, or a bush.
Shiny Ver. Delta%20Slugma%20Shiny Delta%20Slugma%20Shiny%20Back

Delta Magcargo
Delta%20Magcargo Delta%20Magcargo%20Back
Typing: Rock/Grass
Ability: Flower Gift or Harvest
Pokedex: After the sunlight reached the Corpses of the Slugmas, plant life started to grow inside the remains of each Slugma. With all the different types of plants living inside the husks, the Slugmas started to regain their soul, and evolved into delta Magcargos.
Inspiration: Delta Magcargo is based off Logs with fungi, flowers, and other plant life growing inside of the remains.
Shiny Ver.Delta%20Magcargo%20Shiny Delta%20Magcargo%20Shiny%20Back

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