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Delta Machop Line REMAKE

3 years ago when I was just a baby at spriting I made a Delta Machop line cause I thought it would be fun. They were very mediocre as I was just a beginner but out of boredom I decided to remake them. @Jos_Louis made the clothes part of the sprite as I had no idea what to add to the body. Cyclops 1 Cyclops 2 Cyclops Re-revised

I encourage you to look at the old version to see the difference in the two.


yeh, these better

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Wow, these are really good!

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Thanks, it’s really been a long time since I made these so I have picked up a lot of skills throughout the years.

It sure seems so! I could never do something this good!

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It just takes a lot of practice.

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Noice. Can you make these game-usable? Like in battle back & front, overworld, and battle icons?

I don’t really want to do that tbh. I just did these for fun and making all of that is not something that I want to do at the moment.