Delta locations

I can’t find delta Meditite, Elekid and Goomy. Any help/hints? Thanks!

I believe D. Goomy is in the same area as D. Froakie, you have to go to the far right area and there should be a surf patch leading to a small area that it hides inside. Meditite and Elekid I have no clue though.

Delta Elekid is in Holon Mountain. There is a switch in the bottom of the area (go down some stairs, you should see a rectangle in the wall) which opens a Tesseract area.

Delta Meditite is in a grotto.

where is the switch?? I can’t find it.

It’s hard to see, but it’s to the left of the blocked cave exit.

lmao Okay thanks! I can hardly imagine that’s a switch hahaha