Delta Liepard

I just made it to Selene City and really want this Pokemon for the gym.

I followed the instructions the Wiki gives.
It’s about 10 til 7pm here but we just “fell back” this past weekend so it’s night both in RL and the game and I talked to all the necessary people in the correct order but I traveled around the entire city and there is no shadow.

I found the following thread created by another player who had the same issue and it’s suggested that the event is glitched.

but it’s two years old and while one solution was offered, it seems to apply to manifesting the shadow the second time but my problem is manifesting it the first time and no closure was provided by the OP.

Is this still an issue for anyone else?
Could I have screwed it up because I’d previously talked to the latter two people before I knew the instructions and talked to the old man in the Pokemon Center?


7:53pm, about an hour later, I tried it again but the old man’s dialogue has changed, instead of getting startled and telling me about the ghost he advises me to talk to the townsfolk and NOT attempt to capture it and still no first shadow.

New Update:

I’ve been spending time leveling up the Pupitar I hatched a few hours ago (as a Larvitar of course) and just a few minutes ago I made a trip to the Pokemon center and the shadow appeared.
Interacting with it produced the encounter in which it’s supposed to flee.

At this point, a boy is supposed to appear near the gym and talking to him triggers the next shadow encounter in which the Liepard will be able to be captured.

This is where I now face a new issue.
This boy isn’t appearing and when I left the city to continue my grinding and returned for another Pokemon center visit the first shadow encounter repeated.

Final Update:
It turns out the boy was literally standing in the corner next to the gym.
I had to battle the cultist guard and Persephone to access him. I had been hoping to save that for when I had a fully evolved and armored Tyranitar but I survived even if just by the skin of my teeth.