Delta Legendaries

Out of interest, are Delta Regirock, Delta Registeel, Delta Regice, Delta Hoopa and Delta Meloetta natural occurrences or scientifically altered? Some Delta’s were altered by the Perfection Cult - Reukra even leaves behind some diary notes about the creation of Delta Larvesta, Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Charmander and Delta Squirtle - but I get the impression that the Delta Legendary Golems have been around far longer than any of the Torren Cults. Hoopa and Meloetta may be more recent but Regigigas is the master of both variants of the Legendary Golems so did it create the Delta’s in addition to the normal Regi trio?

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Also wouldn’t Water cause Delta Regirock’s sand particles to stick together, thus hurting it? Dry Skin’s it’s Hidden Ability but if you think about it, sand on a beach gets sticky when covered in water. Wouldn’t Delta Regirock lose its mobility when soaked instead of just absorbing it?

Maybe it should have an hability where the speed goes down but the attack up. But since he is moving sand he could just move the weet part around making so it would get soaked I guess.