Delta Latios and Delta Latias

Delta Latios, the Aurora Pokemon, and Delta Latias, the Enchanted Pokemon.
Known as simply Latios and Latias if in battle
Delta Latios [ Ice/Water ] : Delta Latias [ Fairy/Electric ]

delta latias sprite take 2

delta latios sprite take 4

Shiny Formes

delta latias sprite shiny take 2
delta latios sprite shiny take  3

Resized Sprites ( Regular; 120 x 120 and 240 x 240 ) (1) (2) (3)


( please be gentle with me on the spritework- I’m not a professional )


These look amazing! I wish they were in game!

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These HAVE to be in the game! You good human, have talent!

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Amazing work, the only thing is I don’t really see the “water” on δLatios. Ice/Fairy I feel it would fit better :slight_smile: but that’s just me! Again, amazing work.

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Thank you!

And I guess I tried to make the more ‘smooth’ features and colour scheme to make it seem water? I dunno xD

I can kinda sea how Latios is water type. Kinda reminds me of a blue dragon sea slug. I really like these!

This looks amazing but delta latios’ shiny sprite looks too much like the normal one. I think a nice purple like lanturn’s would look good. But then again, this is my opinion. These look amazing though!!

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First of all, these are gorgeous. My only recommendation would be the fact that Pokemon sprites tend to have darker and more contrasting outlines so that they stand out from the backgrounds more. If you added that, then I think these would be game-ready!