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Delta Lapras

I was looking through Holon University and noticed there were a lot of Fire-Rock Lapras Deltas. I figured I should post the one I made for my friend a while back, so we have some variety in terms of types. Not my best work, but still…
Delta Lapras
Cloud Surfer Pokemon
“This Pokemon was believed to have descended to this world from Heaven. It is capable of understanding human speech, as well as reading their minds. It will only let a person pure of heart ride on its back through the sky.”

On my look, this looks like a recolor and a minimal change of the shell. If it’s a psychic fairy type, maybe a little bit more detail and something that makes it different from the original. Maybe a blooming flower in it’s mouth/on it’s ear, a lighter shade overall (color isn’t so appealing), and perhaps a heart embellished on it’s chest. Making the facial expression different would drastically change the feel of the model as well.

I appreciate the input. I never really was sure what to do with the ear… things. I also like the idea of the heart on the chest. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

This reminds me of the golden cloud that let Goku and other pure of heart fly on it, maybe you could transform the shell in a golden cloud as well?

That is a good idea for a shiny. I’ll probably do that.

This is extremely similar to Kinto’un.

That’s the name of the yellow cloud in Dragon Ball! Thanks, I couldn’t recall the name xD

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never watched Dragon Ball (don’t kill me!), so that wasn’t my intention. But again, that is a great idea for a shiny.