Delta Krabby Line

Pokemon - Krabby/Kingler

Typing- Steel/Electric

Abilities- Volt Absorb or Motordrive , Lightning Rod Hidden Ability

What make its unqiue?- the abilities it has will always make it a good counter for electric attacks either making it faster, healing it or stopping foes from hitting frienly water or flying pokemon

Pros- Immune to electric attacks, Solid defense. More Special Attack to regular Krabby

Cons- 4x Weakness to Ground, Less Attack to regular Krabby , Heavier than Regular Krabby

Update- iv redone the coil . added less and only onto one claw. changed one of the claw for a more copper tone of colour to make it keep to the 1 claw is stronger than the other claw kingler is classic for


I like it a lot, but isn’t Kingler’s backsprite just an arm? Maybe the backsprite could include more of the pokemon’s body

it did seem a little empty from the back sprite once all the spikes were removed. i moved its remote antenna a little higher and added a bit more of a back.

Moved to Holon University. Looks interesting so far, but the shading could use some work

The outline overall is totally bad, you might need to work on that much.

iv given it another whirl and started from scratch, i have added a few things to kind of try and make it look more robotic and to look more like a conductor of electric

Another thing to note, use the same pixel size for everything within the same sprite.

It does look pretty blocky the back Sprite . I did not think of the effects that making it a bit bigger to make kingler not look as small as krabby * as the gen 5 Sprite was The only one that shows more than just the arm * il get to work on that when I get back from work . I also feel the coils on the claws need to be bigger on the back Sprite . I am not too sure how to make the coils looks more like a coil but il experiment with it.

iv just given it a go trying to clean up the coils and the back sprite. also removed the hazard sign as it seems out of place.

It is because you are doing them flat, try to practice doing some stuff on different angles.