Delta Koffing Trade?

I was trying to do the trade for Delta Koffing, but it says I need a Pseudo-Legendary. I have no idea what these are, and would be very grateful if anyone could help me learn what a Pseudo-Legendary is.

Really STRONG pokemon.

Dratini->Dragonair->Dragonite Larvitar->Pupitar->Tyranitar Bagon->Shelgon->Salamence Gibe->Gabite->Garchomp Deino->Zweilous->Hydreigon Goomy->Sliggoo->Goodra

search for one of those pokes usingémon_Locations

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It’s basically a Pokemon with a 3 stage evolution with the base state over or on 600.

(It seems People have already posted the pokemon eligible)

Thanks for the list. Do I have to trade the final evolution, or can I trade any stage?

It can be any stage. Source: I gave a Lv. 13 Zwelious

The easiest you can get them is by going to a friend safari or go to the Samsara cave

Can ya give me a few friend safari’s that have pseudo legendaries?

  1. Necropost
  2. The Friend Safari list is on the wiki