Delta Kangaskhan wins with his delta Kangaskhan Type:Fighting Steel, Ability: Iron Fist Hidden Ability: Battle Armor
Stats; Hp:100,Atk:100,Def:80,Sp.Atk:20,Sp Def:100,Speed:90
Dex: Every few generations a male Kangaskan is born. it is then given special armor passed down from generation to generation and tasked with defending the group.
This is s a male Kangaskhan and i though the reason we never saw them was because they were rare or because they defend the area from far away like Kommo-o. So I combined the two, and yes i got the idea to add the arm spikes because of shredder from teenage mutant ninja tutrles.

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Thanks for spriting. But I cannot find the fighting typing in the sprite tbh.

i love it but in design for me he is ground steel but no fighting

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the fighting is kinda meant to be represented by a darker shading/coloring

how does colors represent a type?

like how fire is red green is grass and water blue or electricity and yellow

no one can guess frighting type just by looking at this

So parasect is a fire type?

no but that would be a great idea for a delta

My point is that more than color defines the type of a Pokemon. Add more features that scream “fighting type”

what would you suggest

Idrk… Bigger arms? Xd

how would i do that without messing up the pixels

Join the discord server and ask for tips in the art room of the server