Delta Kabutops

I plan to use a tough claws Delta Kabutops, so its moveset till now is: Taunt, X-scissors, Crunch and the last moveslot is remaining. Im kinda torn between poison jab and knock off, both are quite attractive lol. I already have a poison type in my team, and knock off will be a good coverage but too much stab lol.

Is this for in game? Not many in game targets have items, so Knock Off really isn’t that useful.

You’d be surprised. A lot of Normal+Hard mode battles have items. On easy, only Megas. Normal, The whole E4 is full of items.

I guess. I don’t really understand using Delta Kabutops though. It seems pretty bad.

I think delta Kabutops is pretty cool. Maybe your could teach him Aerial ace for Fighting foes or Dig for Fire foes, or as you said, Poison jab, for Fairies mainly. You could teach him Sword dance, too.

I was thinking hone claws in new moon could be gr8 too lol. Though poison jab and aerial ace are attractive too, and taunt is very important