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Delta Kabuto (Metroid version)


Now, before we start, I want to say that the design of the Delta Kabuto (that Isn’t the one PokeNerd123 made) was inspired by the creature named Metroid in the video game named “Metroid.” Anyways, thanks for reading this. Now let’s get into the idea.

Delta Kabuto Delta%20Kabuto is a Psychic/Poison type, who has a unique ability named “X-Spore”, which allows them to absorb spore related attacks and convert them into stat buffs. Here’s the list; Spore = Defense increase, Stun Spore = Attack increase, Cotton Spore = Speed increase. The Pokedex entry would be, “A Kabuto was genetically mutated to absorb the Pokerus Virus, but was sealed away for having a tendency for killing parasite related Pokemon.” Before I show Delta Kabutops, I need to show you the shiny version of Delta Kabuto. Delta%20Kabuto%20Shiny

Delta Kabutops Delta%20Kabutops is a Psychic/Poison type that has the ability it’s previous form holds. It’s Pokedex entry says, “Because of the sudden spike of parasitic creatures in the environment, it developed to be the perfect predator of these creatures.” Here’s the shiny of Delta Kabutops. Delta%20Kabutops%20Shiny

If you have any comments, please leave them down below! I know that a Kabuto delta already exists in the game, but I just wanted to show an idea that I had randomly, and I just wanted to share it with everyone! I hope you enjoyed the concept of this Delta Pokemon line!


Looks very good, I would love to see it in game, I would use it.