Delta Jirachi+MegaDelta Jirachi (Moon Devil thing)

Delta Jirachi
Type: Dark / Ghost
DeltaJirachiDeltaJirachiDeltaJirachib DeltaJirachib
ShinyDeltaJirachiS DeltaJirachiS DeltaJirachiSb DeltaJirachiSb
Ability: Noctem
Hidden Ability :Undying Light
Undying Light: The users STAB Moves have an Infinite Amount of PP

Entry : Delta Jirachi Harvests off of Moonlight so it is Rarely Seen in Daylight.

Mega Delta Jirachi
Type: Dark / Ghost
DeltaMJirachi DeltaMJirachi
DeltaMJirachib DeltaMJirachib

DeltaMJirachiS DeltaMJirachiS
DeltaMJirachiSb DeltaMJirachiSb
Ability:Undying Light
Entry : It likes to Pull pranks when Mega Evolved, It sees 360 degrees with its hands.


As A Jirachi lover, this is interesting