Delta Houndour and Houndoom

I love this pokemon, but at the same time I was heavily disappointed of the potential of the mega, making it more of a Cerberus with three heads, and because of this, I have decided to make a delta version to give the love this pokemon deserves.

Delta Houndour: (Fighting)

The Restraint Pokemon


Dex Entry: These pokemon know very well what fear is, and that would be themselves. Spending most of their time trying to hold back the destructive aura that laid dormant inside of it, but chains can only work for so long…

Abilties: Defeatist, Truant, (HA) Immobile

Immobile is an ability that I made up, basically it makes it so the pokemon is guaranteed to go last (before putting into account of priority moves like protect), unable to use physical moves, and the opponent will have an increased chance to hit their moves on the pokemon.

Basically, the ability is a crutch.

Delta Houndoom (Fighting/Ghost)

The Unleashed Pokemon


Dex Entry: Upon evolving, Delta Houndour accepts for who it is while the chains break off, melding onto its body. Now as Delta Houndoom, the destructive aura that had rested inside has manifested into heads with a mind of its own.

Abilities: Technician, Spectral Jaws, (HA) Embrace

Embrace is another ability I made up. For the first time it is switched in (this ability cannot be triggered more than once per battle) all of its stats will be increased by one stage, however, it will not be able to do anything until the next turn.

And now, for the shiny versions:

Delta Houndour:


Delta Houndoom:


Thank you for spending some time to look at some more of my sprites, I am enjoying this so i wont stop for a while. I have run out of ideas, so if you have an idea that has not been made into a delta, I am up for it.

Critique the pokemon and I will message back when I can, thank you all, and have a great day!

SIDE NOTE I decided not to make mega houndoom because I felt delta houndoom didn’t need one.


Love the Idea :smile:

I like the idea but how about a fighting water type


To be honest, I really don’t see how water would fit in with this pokemon.

I ment maybe change the design a little bit and you can get a good water fighting type


I am actually happy with its fighting/ghost typing, perhaps my next pokemon will be a water type

The heads can be a bit detailed, other than that, love the design and concept!


Thanks, the reason why it is not as detailed was because I was going with a shading theme like Giratina’s wings, but if it is needed, I can fix that

Oh its perfectly fine the way it is too, its upto you to make the changes or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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