Delta Hoopa Unbound?

How do I get the old man to give me the Cloud Bottle for Unbound Delta Hoopa. I know from the wiki that you’re supposed to get it from him, but all I can get from him is the regular item for Unbound Hoopa. Anyone know?

It’s bugged from what I know.

Dang it, I was really hoping to use him in my team. Is Delta Hoopa any good without being Unbound?

I’m not really a competitive player nor a pokemon analyzer. You’re best off asking somebody like @A_Wild_Noob_Appeared.

Anything with good stats is good for in game, so normal Delta Hoopa is fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

Okay, thank you! I’ll check his stats then, ahah. Any high IV stats I should specifically be looking for on Delta Hoopa?

@Jakeyz Probably Sp. Atk and Speed is the best bet. Maybe even HP.

Alright, thank you! I’ll look into that

@Jakeyz You might want to slap a Choice Scarf on it or something because it has low speed at 70. Idk, I don’t really do competitive.

Are you on 1.2.4?

Unfortunately Delta Hoopa doesn’t get Earth Power, which is a shame because Ground coverage is the best for Flying-types.

I agree that Scarf is the best set because although it has nice special bulk, its Speed, physical bulk, and defensive typing are not great and it is therefore checked by a larger portion of Pokemon than is desirable. Flying is great neutral coverage, and the ability to spam Aeroblast while not fearing being revenge killed as much (due to the Scarf) is very potent.

So I think the best set is Timid Scarf, max Special Attack and Speed EVs, with Aeroblast, Volt Switch, Focus Blast, and the last move is kind of a filler but it’d probably be Ice Beam (unfortunately it doesn’t get Fire coverage). You almost always click Aeroblast unless you know that you have to click something else. Timid is better because Scarf Modest Hoopa is still outsped by positive base 115s, while Timid Scarf outspeeds everything up to (but unfortunately not including) positive base 130s.

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I agree. I was about to recommend a moveset but its not on the wiki, and I have not obtained it yet as I am on my way to Adam’s gym.