Delta Heracross

Hello guys,brought another job that I think deserves to be looked at by you

I show them delta heracross

I think it’s better with the fire and metal type.

As always, I accept criticism and I want you to help me improve.

I do not know if this really good mega but give opinions to improve it

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Looks amazing!

you should do a mega!

Yesterday I had updated the post by placing your order however, for some reason it did not update

that looks great
Only thing I would change would maybe be the bigger horn on its head…
why not try a metal horn, with holes in the front for flames to come out
these could be like the small spikes on the big horn in regular mega heracross

Other than that, brilliant!!!
Very creatiive!

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Okay, I’ll try to change the horn. I’ll start right now, thank you very much for giving me your opinion. s2

you are welcome


I think horns is not very my style, hahaha
give me the name of a specific tool, so that I can better imagine these horns and use them as a base