Delta Heatmor + Durant

I decided to base these deltas off of each other. So Heatmor will now be steel instead of fire and Durant will be fire instead of steel.

Durant Type: Fairy/Fire

Heatmor Type: Steel

Enjoy :smiley:


To be honest I like the concept but the execution is a little shaky. For the first one it looks like you just took some of a Magmortar and mashed it with a Durant and made it pink. For the second one it looks like you mashed a Glalie with a Heatmor. I don’t think that that makes them deltas. Delta Pokemon are a genetic mutation of a pokemon into a different type, not a mash up of Pokemon. But the thing that makes me not like the design the most is that if I saw this without any concept I wouldn’t be able to guess what Pokemon it was. To try to fix these things try to redo it from scratch. Take the regular sprites for each and say to yourself “How can I make this into a ______ type” and try things out. Nobody has a finished product on the first try, so keep experimenting and going at it until you have a finished product. Good luck :slight_smile:

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(This comment fills you with DETERMINATION)

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This is awesome

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