Delta Haxorus Line

Haxorus’ line based off tiger sharks. Axew and Fraxure are pure water while Haxorus is water/steel


This is a super good concept. I especially like the details Haxorus, like the chain and stripes.

wow… one of the best deltalines I’ve seen so far. Chapeau

Whot just amazing ! The concept of " Phishing " Pokémon, so cool ! You took one of the coolest pokémon, and you made it cooler than it was before !

The outlining on haxorus could use some improvement, as the outline seems completely black, but otherwise, looks good!

I actually think this is a great idea that deserves to be ingame. It’s a land shark that been turn into a sea shark! Also are you going to make a mega of it too?

This is one of my favorite fan Deltas I’ve seen. I especially love the detail of the chain on Haxorus, but my gut just said something was off, and I feel like you need to incorporate an anchor somewhere in the design. I can’t get it out of my head that there’s no anchor where its a perfect opportunity. Also, the tail seems too big in comparison to the bodies. Other than all that, I think that this is incredible. Great job!

His head is an anchor, therefore the steel typing

that’s a really cool concept which has been made really well

cool… cool… cool… thats look amazing

you can find them by talking to the sailor on the mini island at “Miara Town” and accepting his side quest