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Delta Grimer

Trading Name: Griffohn

Offer: Any delta and/or legendary (as I have most of them and can just breed new ones)

Request: Delta Grimer

Further info: I want to have one of every delta and legendary, and it has been making me upset that I didn’t decide to do this until After the second mission…

I can get you one. It may take a little, but I can get it to you by tomorrow

That sounds great. Is there anything you would like for it?

I’ve got it, I’ll take basically anything in return, I’m just glad to help. My Secret Base Code is BCH123

I’m sorry to ask this but, how do we trade? I went to the Dexnav and entered the trade option but it says you are offline.

Hang on a sec, I was off the game for a moment

I’m on

What is your Code?

Also how do I choose a Pokémon? This is kinda my first time trading…

Oh, sorry my code is Griffohn, if that helps

I just hit enter after moving with the arrow keys and it just did it for me.

Ok, thanks I’ll try that

If you can’t move it you could also just exit trade move it to the front of your party so you don’t have to move it.

Ooh thanks! That’ll work!

K I’m ready

Thank you so much.

Glad I could help! Thanks for the Dratini!

No problem, felt it was fair for how much you were helping me.

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