Delta golett

Offer: Anything you want(except legendaries)

Request: Delta golett

Further info:The last two deltas I need to complete the pokédex are golett and golurk. Challenge championship is really hard so I don’t wanna waste time there.

You good to give an IV stone?

Yes I can give you an iv stone

cool, I got one ready so lmk when you’re down to trade

Can we do it now?

sure i"m online now

Ok my username is Win2004

user is hulaunicorns

Yay thanks!

good luck on that shiny charm xD
and np :))

Thanks! Also the ralts I sent has Pokerus!

hahaha I already got but thanks anyways xD

Cool, but before we end, I want to ask one question. The wiki says that to get uxie, mesprit and azelf, I have to defeat all devs on dev island. Is there any easy way to do it?

yeah you do, haha I’m not very competitve and tbh I’ve still been putting off challenging the devs (I got the shiny charm before I needed the lake trio haha) but I heard if you’re on normal mode it’s not too bad as long as you balance typing and strategy. If you want I can try offering advice on your current team though.

Oh ok. So I don’t have a permanent team, I change Pokemon now and then. But I do have some Pokemon over level 100 and all other legendaries. I use Azumarill, Rotom-wash, Sceptile, Rayquaza, Arceus and Metagross currently.

I think the devs are lvl 120, just FYI
I think you have a pretty balanced team, especially with Arceus being able to change typing with different plates. Azumarill is a good tank, and Meta packs a lot of power. The only thing I’m not sure about is Rotom Wash >> although the stats are decent and single weakness is also nice, it does have a lot of overlap with azumarill. Otherwise just training it up should help :))

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Yeah I just beat the one with the groudon with this team lol. Will definitely level them up a bit and will try to beat all of them. Thanks!

yeah np! glad it helped xD

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the devs are absolute nightmares, especially demonknight for me because my tactic for dealing with some of their more annoying pokemon was by having my poygon2 use toxic on them and stalling them out. then demonknight pulls out an excadrill and i had no idea how to deal with it

Yeah demonknight is kinda hard, especially his greninja. I am gonna try the FEAR rattata strategy and see if it works.