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Delta Golett needed to complete Pokedex

Trading Name: Electrica00

Offer: Anything other than shinies, legendaries and mythicals

Request: Delta Golett

Further info:Since I suck at the Challenge Championship, I’d rather request trade for one than getting one myself the hard way

Are you online RN?

Yes right now, what do you want from me? I’ll get it immediately for you.

P.S Is that a spare? Also time zone here is GMT+08:00

Oh, well, I was about to go sleep… but let’s trade, just wait a bit…

What do you want from me?

Ok, i’m ready to trade, my trade name is Tellur. Do you already know how to trade?

Anything I’m just willing to help

I think, it’s my first time doing this in insurgence

Alright, you ready? I’ll just give a regular Turtwig, is that alright?

Yes, I’ll type your name and give a confirmation HERE then you press enter too…

OK, I’m waiting for you, you can press enter

Well, It says you’re not online…

Me too


Save, close, open again, try again.

What if we are from different countries, does it matter?

No, Unless it takes too long to reach the servers, but judging by the speed we’re chatting here it’s not a problem. I think…

Let’s try again then

did you log in?