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Delta Golett for Pokedex Completition

Trading Name: JavaGD

Offer: Any Pokémon or Delta Pokémon (No Legendaries or Mythical)

Request: Delta Golett

Further info: I need a Delta Golett for Pokedex Completition because the Championship Challenge is hard as f*ck even with a max EV trained team.

Hahahaha the same thing happened to me

I got a lvl 1 d. golett ready, do you have an IV stone or rare candy (i completed the dex so i don’t need a specific pkmn)

Yes, I have them. How much do you want?

would prefer IV stones, how many r u willing to give up?

I dunno, as long as i get the Delta there will be no problem

does 2 seem reasonable? Or I can throw in something else if ur willing to give up 3

How about this: You trade me the Delta Golett and I’ll trade you any pokemon equipped with an IV stone. How’s that sound?

this is it btw ^^

alright that sounds fine

i’ll be ready in a bit

my trade names hulaunicorns

Ok. Mine is JavaGD

thx, ready and going online now

^^ lmk when ur ready

I’m trying, but the trading keeps loading…

restart the game?
or just esc and re-login lol

Yeah, I never tried this before. I’m trying to rejoin

totally fine, and sounds good

There you go

ayy, thx man

Wait, How about if I breed it and send you back the original with another IV Stone?

i’m interested and thank you for offering, but you can keep it if you want and just give me a rando w the stone :))

Ok. Also I already breed the D. Golett while you where typing…