Delta golett anyone

Trading Name: samlowry

Offer: whatever i have that u want

Request: delta golett

Further info:

you possibly have either the guranteed shiny deino or an iv stone? i can give a few other bredmons if u want for the deino

ye ill give u the shiny deino, im guessing you have the delta golett and if you could get me a clear body careful 5iv beldum that would be amazing but its not too much trouble if u cant, the delta golett is my priority really

nicee, yeye, i got an adamant d golett. i think i only have jolly bred, so would a jolly beldum be ok?

i can iv stone the atk if u want it

if u wouldnt mind that would be amazing, whats ur trading name bro

le golett

trade name hulaunicorns, grab the deino and a trash and lmk when ur on :))

ye im on now :slight_smile:

aight, im ready too, sending a req

hey can i trade u my delta buneary and have u trade it back i need to reset its friendship


thank you very much man

sent a req

ofc ofc :))

hm, try agian

aight try again but this time we both shouldnt click off the screen while sending

r u glitching out?

smart will do

got it? and thanks for the deino man :))

thanks so much man pleasure trading with u :smile:

same goes for you, enjoy :))