Delta Golett and Delta Golurk

Sooo…this is my first attempt at this and so…this happened. Steel/Dark type

Mega :

trust me, i too wanna know what went through my mind when i was thinking that slapping the Shredder on Golett and Golurk was a good idea


Looks awesome man! You did a good job on this! :smiley:

I love these guys. It’s like if the Krang made a robot body based on the Shredder.

Got a Pawniard / Bisharp feel to it. Like the design and the shading on them looks great.
As for Z/O, Golurk got a Mega, so I would also love to see a Mega for this design.

I actually was gonna post a Mega too, but 2 things

1 : It was too late irl when i did these,


2 : I really couldnt think of how could i make this more "Mega" so i google searched Shredder and i made this.

i didnt mention this before but abilities inlcude : Steadfast , Tough Claws and Filter(HA) Mega’s ability is Noctem(maybe)

also thanks for the positive comments c:


I think that looks pretty good as well. Nice job :smiley:

Whenever you make changes, try to update the original post (op).

I’m sorry for replying to such an old post,but did you by chance make back sprites for these deltas? Again sorry for replying to such an old Post but I can’t grt in contact with the artist

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Don’t revive old posts, also, this person hasn’t be online for 4 years it’s a minuscule chance that they would ever decide to log back on, especially small to answer your post. To answer your question, there probably isn’t a backsprite.

Was gonna say the same thing but since the artist didn’t post a backsprite, it probably doesn’t exist. Plus, those sprites are gigantic and would be very difficult to create.