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Delta Gligar line + Delta Carnivine

Delta Gligar

Delta Gligar

Type: Psychic

Ability: Suction Cups / Weak armor (hidden)

Pokedex entry: Delta Gligar’s body is covered by crystals that, after trapping their prey, absorb their life force and then use their hollow bodies to find new prey.
Delta Gliscor

Delta Gliscor

Type: Rock / Psychic

Ability: Suction Cups / Weak Armor / Intimidate (Hidden)

Evolution method: Delta Gliscar evolves to Delta Gliscor if it defeats a Pokemon with an attack powered by a type gem.

Pokedex entry: With the power that the crystals acquire when absorbing the type gem they are able to even force changes in the body of their victim.

Signature move (both): Crystalize (Psychic status move), if it lands the target will lose 5% of their Hp every turn and they won’t be able to flee, this status condition cannot be healed.
Delta Carnivine

Delta Carnivine

Type: Poison / Ice

Ability: Poison Point / Intoxicate (Hidden)

Pokedex entry: It has been proven that the flowers on the body of Delta Carnivine need low temperatures in order to develop.

Signature move: Toxic Vine (70 base power physical attack, if the target is weak to grass type this move’s base power increases to 100 instead.)

I hope you like them, and feel free to tell me how to improve my sprites / descriptions. :heart:


Delta Gliscor?


I’m working on it, I just wanted to upload Gligar first. :slightly_smiling_face:


So essentially Psychic type Whirlpool.


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@Doutubereader Wow, coming to the forums with a BANG! Nice

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But why is he so sad tho? :frowning:

@AttilaDorn after gaining psychic powers, it knew all the secrets of the universe, and those might not be very cheerful lets say :grimacing:

Did you ever see Azurill’s gen 5 sprite?

Yeah I know, and I don’t get why they’re so sad (´סּ︵סּ`) I mean, Spoink literally dies if it stops bouncing, I would understand if they’d give it that face, but Azurill? D:

These are all really good sprites! One thing I’d suggest is adding a selective black outline though.
Colored Outlines image Selective Outlinesimage
Selective outlining is deciding where you want darker and lighter outlines to be in a single sprite. You currently have all colored outlines, which looks nice! But the problem is that without these parts that have black outlines, the sprites don’t look ‘official’, if you get what I mean.

Also did you save your sprites as jpegs? I’d suggest saving them as pngs, that way you lose no quality on the colors.
Good job!

Thanks for the tips, I didn’t know about selective outlines so I’ll now add them in my upcoming sprites. I’m also glad you liked them. :smile: