Delta Gengar

Fire/Dark type.


Posting this here because of image limit.


Is So cool! I want in the game :smiley:

Damn those are awesome!

D. Gengar looks really cool.:slight_smile:

Loving these! I could see these in game and being really popular!

I could see Persephone Delta-ifying her Gengar into this.

These are great. I really hope these get make it into the game. Do you think you can come up with a moveset and abilities. I was thinking flame body for the non-megas and something else related to fire for the mega. Perhaps even a new ability!

I was also think that it would be cool if this D-Gastly line should be a physical attacker rather than a special attacker because of the mega d-gengar having horns and the haunter with the flaming fists. Still, their just suggestions. What i really want is to get one of these in the game.

I need

Hades confirmed! Good job!!

This would be so cool to enter the game!

This looks amazing! I love it so much!

How would you put this into the game? like i know how to replace the look of pokemon in the game but how do you change the abilities and types and things of the sort in the game?

The last post in this thread was made 6 months ago and this topic is considered “dead”. Please don’t revive or “necro” posts in the future by checking before you comment.

Anyway, regarding your question, this sprite was made as a sort of fan project or submission for 1.2. Since that update is done and the game has been put into a feature lock, the devs will never consider adding this delta. It’s just a sprite and can’t be put into the game with it’s own custom ability, moveset, or etc. You could replace the normal gengar battle sprite with this one, but it lacks a back sprite and will not have the suggested typing in-game.

Oh ok sorry i just made my account and saw this. But thank you! I wish they would add a way for you to add/make your own pokemon though, they wouldn’t be allowed to use online but it would still be cool to do!