Delta Gengar

Here’s another Delta for any who’re interested. I personally consider this one to be my most… detailed piece of work, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my best. I have my reservations about how different it looks from the original Gengar line, especially Haunter. However, I am interested to see what you make of it, so without further ado:

Delta Gastly:

Grass Type
Based on a floating/living spore of some kind

Delta Haunter:

Grass Type
Based on a creature poking out of a bush/emerging from the spore that Gastly was

Delta Gengar:

Pure Grass or possibly Grass/Fairy Type
Based in part on a rabbit and other forest rodents what with rabbitlike features, but mostly draws inspiration from Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro.

I must admit, I just liked the idea of a Totoro-inspired Gengar and worked backward from there. Hope you like it!


The gastly, haunter, and gengar don’t really look like the originals so I would add a few original features

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I’d say amazing spriting on the last one, but the problem is it looks too much like Totoro and less like Gengar

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