Delta Gengar (Water-type)

Okay, looking at all deltas I noticed there is no water delta and only bulbasaur’s line has psychic type. With that in mind, I designed these Gengar line being water. First we have Gastly, it is just a bubble with initial psychic powers, but it has no psychic type yet. Then we have Haunter, the water drop, it has no psychic powers, but can learn some moves. Finally we get Gengar, a “walking” puddle that can use lots of psychic moves. And I’m going to create de M-D. Gengar, which will get its psychic type once it’s third eye opens. (Still working on the Mega)
What do you think?

Firstly, wrong category. This should be in holon dex. Secondly, bubble deltas, especially gastly, have been done a lot. Try to make it distinctive somehow. Lastly, the Gengar and Haunter look way to different from the original mons. Try to preserve at least some of the shape.

Keep working on it, hopefully it can come out to be pretty decent :slight_smile:

Give haunter hands

Yeah that would help a lot

I like it but it looks like you used castform and muk

And that one psychic type blob thing

You mean Reuniclus

Yeah that things pre evo


I tried… But didn’t like it :sweat_smile:

Yes, I am not good creating sprites and I pick parts from others :laughing:

I tried, but wasn’t good, so that bubble I created, but is really simple and looks like solosis

Dude, don’t use parts from existing pokémon. No one likes those types of sprites and you’ll just be wasting your time making them.

hey don’t get your self down it was pretty good if you ask me actually really good

Please do not necro 4 YEAR OLD POSTS!