Delta Gengar Line

When it came to making a delta Gengar evolution line, I didn’t know what the delta would be, but then a smirk went across my face…
The type would be Normal Psychic, but when Mega Evolving, it would turn into a Dark Psychic type.
Tell me what you think, and maybe i’ll take suggestions on what to do for another delta pokemon!

edit: thanks to a suggestion, I made it better than before, thank you sphealigon-XIV for the help! I really appreciate it!


On gastly, the shading is mostly flat and the new additions don’t look like they belong. I would suggest having more detailed shading on the edited parts. As for haunter and gengar, they do not have enough changes to really look like deltas. Mega gengar is just a recolor with no additional changes. For haunter, I see that you gave it a more pronounced lower jaw like that of a skeleton. Why not take that design aspect further and give the whole line more of a skeletal vibe?

Ok! thank you for the suggestions! I’ll keep this stuff in mind, and I’ll make it a bit better. thank you!

This post freaked me out, my head raced I didn’t remember ever making a Gengar sprite. Then I checked it out and felt better, I wasn’t insane.

But yea cool, looks like they’re gonna have a bad time.