Delta Genesect

_ Delta Genesect: The Military Pokemon. Also a Fighting-Fire Type._
So, this is my first sprite. I hope it’s good- A few facts about it-

  • Delta Genesect was a scrapped military project, due to lack of power and funding… After the old lab was destroyed, the scrapped project fell into a pool of highly radioactive material. This allowed it to run on the power of [Blood](Dark Story) [Radioactive Material](Lighter Story).

  • The fire-like mark on its cannon was sketched onto it by a soldier.

  • I’m actually planning on making a mega!Delta_Genesect

The sprite sizes are inconsistent. you should make your sprites in a 1x1 pixel grid, not put 1x1 pixels into a 2x2 sprite.
As for the sprite itself, the only really notable change was that Escavlier’s lance was added to it, and not in a subtle way. You could make changes to the shape or color so it not nearly as obvious that the part was ripped right off another pokemon. Your backstory says that it fell into a radioactive pool, why not reflect that in the design by making the genesect slightly melted, and not just green?

^^^ Pretty much

I see that now, im new to spriting- thanks for criticism!