Delta Gastly, Haunter and Gengar

Here is the Gengar line’s… Brand spanking new… Delta Species!!

  I Decided to design the toxic gas monsters after something else somewhat

Gaseous… LIKE BUBBLES. They are water fairy type and have the ability Volt Absorb, and the hidden ability Drizzle. When i have the chance, i will think about the stats with suze or whatever, but for now… enjoy these bubbles and hope they get put in the game.
Oh, and dont worry about that broken Gengar background, :wink:


All Deltas have the same stats as the regular Pokemon.

Oh… I’m an idiot

First off, (EDIT: just saw someone already brought it up), deltas dont change stats. Second, while i can appreciate the confidence in getting your delta into insurgence, you would still need to make major edits before it wouldve been considered. To put it bluntly, we’ve seen the bubble-delta many times, whether it was spiritomb or gastly or electrode or any mon that is round. If you wanted to get into insurgence, you would need to make your delta more unique thank just a gastly with no smoke turned blue. Sorry if i come off as rude but its just the truth, and i’d recommend trying to come up with ideas on how to improve your original design so it stands out from the many bubble water type deltas before it.


Thanks man, now i can make improvements and make it even better! just gimme the word on each mon and i’ll alter it to the best of my abilities!

#DirtyBubble #FirstBubble

Dirty Bubble… wut u mean… OOOHHHHHH… NO POINTS!!!